Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Kinetic Sculpture Race Time Again!

It's Kinetic Sculpture Race Time Again!

The Humboldt Kinetic Association is holding the first Kinetic Sculpture Race meeting of 2012!!! 
Everyone interested in participating in the Kinetic Sculpture Race is invited and welcome to attend.  This will be the first of the Kinetic Sculpture Race meetings occurring regularly on the first Wednesday of each month. 

Meetings will be held at Hobart Galleries & Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum located at 437 F St. on the corner of 5th and F in Eureka at 6:16 pm, (seating is limited so those arriving late may have to stand or bring your own chair...)

Racers, Volunteers, Media and reluctant individuals, both past and future can come find out all about this grand event as well as learning all about GLORY!
We are always looking for fantastically wonderful volunteers for many deliriously intriguing official volunteer positions as well as welcoming back "all the usual suspects" to do their same dull and boring old jobs.


Kinetic Sculpture Race meeting

Wednesday Feb 1st

437 F St, Eureka

6:16 pm

For The Glory!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Galleries/Museum & The Member Artists Co-op

NEXT "ARTS ALIVE" Feb 4th will feature The Humboldt Kinetic Association Artist Co-op members featuring some of our area's finest art and handcrafted wares. Celebrate "Gifts Galore!" just in time for Valentine's Day. Come in and choose an affordable gift or have at little retail therapy for yourself. New artists adding their creations every day. Hobart Galleries and The Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum is open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5:16pm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hobart Galleries & The Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum The Beginning...

The day we received the keys

Justin surveys the basement.

Beautiful light!

Nicolas Brown rides the "Bent Mary" into the Museum.

Justin unwraps the "Pentacycle"

Work on the Galleries and the Museum often continued into the night.

Reconstructing Hobart Brown's studio space.

Just before we open for our first Arts Alive!

The living room.

The "Newlydeads" with the "Tiger & Amazons" behind.

Looking out the 5th Street windows.

Calm before the onslaught...

Many visitors came early,

and had a good long look around...

Dan and Jayne Olliver.

Everybody seems to be having a good time.

The many photo albums were a huge attraction.

Donna Landry-Rehling and Bryan Rehling.

Alice Krause And Luke.

Donna was named Official Kinetic Songstress by Hobart.

Patron Lynne Reardon (left) & Friends.

Bob Doran and Richard Evans from the NorthCoast Journal.

(L to R) Jen Weiss & Billy Pinnix, Robert & JoAnne Thoman, and Leila

The start of something magical.

Rob Cavanaugh and Christine Rising

Remembering good times... "who was that guy?"

Al and Sara Krause

Artist's Co-op members had their works for sale on display.

Please help identify these people & I will update with their names

The After Party was rocked by Mostly Harmless!

Mostly Harmless' own videographer

Kinetic Racers Chris Gardner, Tess Krause and Kinetic Supporter Luke

One of the many mannequins in costume.

I think Bob had a good time.

Al Krause and Super Volunteer Peter Staatz.