Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Ready for more Glory!!

Come join the Fun at the Kinetic 500! Kinetic Sculptures again will attempt to navigate the tricky terrain of the paved and banked Redwood Acres Raceway during the Second annual 
 Redwood Acres ~ Humboldt Made Fair 
Saturday June 23 from 2:07-7:06 pm

A series of eliminations will give everyone a chance to test themselves against the elements, art and engineering madness expected at this fierce competition advancing to the final Glorious winner.

No need to wait to build the perfect all-terrain sculpture as long as turning left is your focus any design can go for the glory!

Service groups, school and youth groups, businesses, co-workers, sport teams, friends, and neighbors are welcome to issue a challenge to "whup-up" on their rivals on this Kinetic Circle of Glory! Winners and losers will all receive Glory, prizes and dubious bragging rights. All ages' welcome.

Use your imagination. Entries may be constructed of any material you feel is suitable to the job at hand. Some people have been reluctant to enter because they don't know a welding torch from a kitchen sink, but many fine entries have been made of a variety of materials.

Race Procedures
The Kinetic 500 will be run in two sections. The first of these will be similar to previous Kinetic street races (we are using this original guidelines from 1975)
Each heat of 2 contestants will complete one lap of the track. Each sculpture will be officially and individually timed.
Once the first 2 competitors have reached a pre-determined and completely arbitrary point, (or at the whim of the Official starter) the 2nd two competitors will begin their heat. Just keeping it interesting...
After all sculptures have been rounded back up, racers hydrated and times have been tabulated, the top finishers will then proceed to the LeMans portion of the event.
Those not qualified for this portion of the competition are still eligible for many coveted prizes (and they get to rest).
The top finishers of the heats will line up their sculptures on the inside of the track facing the grandstands with the slowest closest to the finish line. At the starting gun, all remaining contestants will run to their machines from a previously selected point and race gloriously around the track the number of laps to be determined by a vote of the racers. This will decide the over-all winner of the speed category.
All other prizes will be determined through very mysterious means by a panel of crack celebrity judges.

Send your email, snail mail or call to receive your application, rules, and inspirational documents.
Contact: Kineticglory@gmail.com call 845-3643 or mail to: 2338 2338 18th St, Eureka, CA 95501.
This event is sponsored by  Redwood Acres ~ Humboldt Made Fair
Humboldt Kinetic Association and Justin Hobart Brown.
~ Or ~
Download the rules, applications and schedule, available here!