Friday, July 6, 2012

Friends and Lovers of Hobart Brown

Friends and Lovers of Hobart Brown past and present, this man who has offered so many the chance to embrace the inspired insanity that is the Kinetic Sculpture Race, freeing themselves of the shackles of normalcy and convention. This man, Hobart Brown who's art-mechanical motion and humor invention continues to inspire people of all ages, this man who even now challenges us to have fun and to be funny, this man's life and possessions, the contents of the galleries and museum, all the photo albums, the physical remnants of his life and need preserved. 
When Hobart Galleries and the Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum packed up the downtown location this March everything went back into storage. Without a location it has become almost impossible to raise the capitol needed to continue storing these many important things. please consider giving a small donation to cover the continued costs of storing Hobart's things. If everybody that likes Hobart's Happenings on Facebook could donate 2 dollars it would make a huge difference! 
There are over 700 members in Facebook's Kinetic Sculpture Race group, if everyone could chip in a buck or two it will preserve these things until we can find a new home. donations can be made on the paypal button on the right---->  Please also consider joining the Humboldt Kinetic Association too, I know Hobart thanks you too!

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