Friday, October 19, 2012

Hobart's Historic Halloween Happening

Well my dear ladies and gentlemen, ghouls and ghosties, fey and foul! It's that time of year again in this kooky county of Kinetics, that's right, to dress up (or down) to your little hearts content put on your party shoes and come out for a Glorious night! As Halloween is in the middle of the week this year we thought we would just keep that spooky energy rolling on in our always unconventional manner! There will be games, costume contests, prizes, Undead local bands and DJ, plus all of you lovely monsters to gambol as you please! So don your fangs and top hats folks for a night of truly stupendous party hosted by your favorite Kinetic villains!!!

This ghoulish gathering will be hosted at:
RUNEBERG HALL on the corner of Wabash and Union Streets in Eureka.

A small payment will be exacted from each of your souls:
$4 for the small goblins (otherwise known as children)
$6 for the educated brains of students (may be used to feed the band)
$8 for the larger party creatures

There will be alcohol for those who wish for their choice of poison: beer and cheap wine.

Just in case you were wondering what Humboldt Kinetic Association will do with funds
(and generous donations) raised... (hint hint...)
1. Hobart's Glorious Storage Unit.
2b. Rent and supplies for the best Halloween Parrr-tay ever!
3fer. Hobart's Glorious Storage Unit.
4ish. Web fees.
5ver. Hobart's Glorious Storage Unit.

Oh, yeah, did we say Hobart's Glorious Storage Unit? 
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